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Kwena Molapo High School was founded in 1995 and its purpose was to eradicate illiteracy among children who were residing around the Lanseria plots.

                                       Vision Statement
To be committed in establishing an institution which produces efficient and highly improved citizens who will make an impact in the world.

                                               Mission Statement
1) To create a conducive environment through the process of colts. 2) Maximum utilization of resources available to attain an annual 10% growth rate, to meet the needs of the nation.
                                          Working together to succeed



The school received the most improved Matric results award in our district in 2006 after obtaining 95% in that year from 40% in 2005. The school got very good results for the past five years 95% in 2006, 82% in 2007, 89% in 2008, 82% in 2009 and 87% in 2010. The school has been obtaining distinctions in subjects like mathematics, physical sciences and Accounting. The number of learners with university entrance is increasing every year with 25 learners out of 74 who passed in 2010 obtaining university.



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